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Pix & Inq: Information Architecture

Maps. Directions. Asking a local at the bodega how to find what you are searching for. We will design a complete pathway in order for customer retention and sales potential. When customers can find their needs, our sales goals are complete.



Product: OBT CSR User Flow

Industry: Financial

Problem: Improve CSR userflow for overseas banking operations

Solution: Provide an easier user experience


Product: ANN INC. Mobile App

Industry: Fashion

Problem: Ann Inc. decided to build out a consumer app.

Solution: Conceptualize and construct a new app.


Product: ASTD Site Map

Industry: Education

Problem: Take over of a failed previous consultant project.

Solution: Discover where the project went wrong and rectify the situation


Product: Site Map

Industry: Legal

Problem: Law firm merger and re-brand with 3 unique law firms

Solution: Politically provide a trusted re-brand through a compelling website

the Hartford

Product: the Hartford Website

Industry: Insurance

Problem: Improve overall consumer facing website

Solution: Completely rehaul of website


Product: Site Map

Industry: Semi-Conductors

Problem: Improve overall consumer facing website

Solution: Complete rehaul of website

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